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The mobile version of the site is a carefully “built” web interface that is optimized for handheld devices. In the age of modern technology, gadgets are developing rapidly. Many devices have an Internet connection function. Every year, the number of people who use the so-called mobile Internet increases. Services that make it convenient to buy what you need are becoming popular. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, users find the necessary information, select products, and make purchases. Thus, today there is an urgent need for a separate service from the main version.

Mobile version of the site: why is it important?

For easy viewing of pages from gadgets (phone or tablet) the weight of these pages should be minimal. In the above-mentioned version of the resource is needless: unnecessary functionality and scripts, heavy graphics. For the service for mobile devices, you need a different layout. And today, for commercial resources, the lack of a mobile version is definitely a bad idea and an unacceptable situation. After all, the technology of connecting to the Internet from any location provides a huge share of the customers of the selling company, and, consequently, profits. When a commercial platform is not adapted to users who access the Internet from phones, its audience is thinned. Customers go to other sites every day. Visitors go to the place where the necessary functionality is provided. important for the audience:
  • usability;
  • font readability;
  • loading speed.
Ordering a service of adaptive site layout in the Wecan agency provides the customer company with an increase in traffic and, accordingly, sales.

Mobile version of the site: price of the service

Depends on the following factors:
  • the resource structure;
  • number of templates;
  • complexity of the task.
The price aspect is also affected by whether the order is urgent. By contacting the Wecan agency, the customer will receive a free calculation of the cost of the service. To order the creation of a mobile version of the site, the customer specifies his name in the order form, leaves contacts (or contacts us via e-mail). You need to tell us about the tasks and the project itself. Managers promptly respond to the request.

Advantages of our company

It is advantageously to cooperate with Wecan agency, because it provides options with zero, personal design, there are also variations with ready-made solutions that are edited according to the wishes of the client. We also provide:
  • fast terms of execution of work – development of a mobile version of the site;
  • promotions and bonuses if the order is made for more than one service at once;
  • attention to the nuances, subtleties of the order, the wishes of customers.
Everything is carried out officially: the contract prescribes what kind of work is being done, the terms. Wecan is an experienced organization that helps you set up sales analytics and has a portfolio of all types of work.  
Mobile version of the site
Cost: 15$/h

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